This section does not replace the Rules and Conduct section of the Terms of Service, but only gives some additional tips on how to behave towards other users when using Make A Friend.

Only give answers you feel entirely comfortable with. Don’t like a question? Don’t want to answer a particular question to a stranger? Then enter that you don’t want to answer it or get creative.

When giving answers, elaborate a bit, but not too much. Answers of about 2-5 sentences are recommended. You will not make a lasting impression on the other user when giving only “Yes”,”No” or “Maybe” answers.

Keep it light.

If you disagree strongly with another user, don’t get into an argument. The point is to try and make friends. If that is not going to work, you can always stop a talk by swiping the conversation in the overview. A delete button will appear and when pressed, the conversation will be removed from your list of ongoing talks.