How much talks can I have going at once?

When you start out, you can have at most 5 talks going. With popularity, this can be increased 15(3 per star) and with the subscription, this can be increased 22. In total, 5+15+22=42. With the networker in-app purchase, which multiplies this number by 3, the theoretic maximum number of talks you can have going is 126.

Can I stop ongoing talks?

Yes. Any talk can be stopped at any time by swiping the talk in the overview and tapping delete, or tapping the resign button with a user in your friends list. Once you stop talking to a user, you cannot reinitiate talks with that user until 3 full days have passed.

How do I delete my account?

You can initiate the deletion of your account from the Settings -> Account Settings -> Delete Account screen. You need to mark your account for deletion there first. After 24 hours you can return to confirm the deletion.

Can I remove seperate friends, or messages or questions from my history with a user?

No. Currently, it is not possible to remove any of these seperately. The only option to delete these right now is to delete your account as a whole.

Can my answers be as long as I want?

No. Currently, the maximum amount of characters is 1000.

My permanent in-app purchases disappeared after I resetted my device/switched to another device.

These purchases are linked to your iTunes account. To reenable them, please try to buy them again while being logged in to iTunes with the same account you bought them with. You will be notified that you already bought these in-app purchases, not pay for them again and they will be reactivated.

Can I use Make a Friend offline?

To a certain degree. Information that was fetched from the server is browseable when you do not have a connection.

It is also possible to enter answers to questions in offline mode. This is handy when you are on the road and have no Internet connection, and you have some talks open. Given that all talks were already fetched from the server, you can still enter all your answers. Your answers will be stored on the device and once you have a connection again, you only need to tap the “Answer” button anymore.