As you progress and answer more and more questions, your friendship will go from Meeting Up to Acquainted to Almost Friends to Friends to Good Friends, unlocking more and more features.

Note that unless you are friends, only your avatar, age, popularity, gender and username are displayed to other users. Nothing else.

1. Meeting Up

This is the status you and someone else start with.

2. Acquainted

Questions answered: 2

Likes each: 1

When you and the other get acquainted with each other you can choose to select a question by topic when it is your turn to select a question.

3. Almost Friends

Questions answered: 5

Likes each: 1

When you are almost friends, you can enter freeform questions instead of selecting an existing question.

4. Friends

Questions answered: 10

Likes each: 2

If you become friends, you can view each other’s profile and send each other chat messages.

5. Good Friends

Questions answered: 30

Likes each: 10

When you become good friends, no additional features are unlocked. However, this could be a good time to exchange emails, add each other on Facebook or Skype with each other.