The stars behind your name represent your popularity. Your popularity goes up if you contribute to the network. Since this network is very young, it is important we get people to participate and spread the word so more people join and everyone can get exact and fast matches.

For every star, 3 additional talks are added to your maximum number of talks.

Other users can also see the amount of stars the people they know on Make a Friend have, although they cannot see why these stars were granted.

Note that although the 3 additional talks are always granted right away, it might take a bit of time for the star to appear.

Stars are added as follows:

Rating the app on iTunes

It is important you do this through the Settings>Rate Make a Friend link. Whatever rating you give will grant the star. However, if your rating is negative, we would appreciate it if you would write in first and let us know on what points we should improve.

Spreading the word on Facebook

This star is granted if you share one of your answers on Facebook – doable from the History with a friend screen – or if you send a friend that is not a member yet a Facebook app request through “Invite by Facebook.”

Buying the Popularity upgrade

This star is granted when the Popularity in-app purchase is bought. This in-app purchase is mainly meant to show your support.

Answering more than 100 questions

This star is granted when a user has answered more than 100 questions total. Calculations of the total amount of questions a user has answered happen only from time to time, so there will be some delay in reaching the 100 question mark and receiving the star.


How the fifth star is granted is currently kept a secret.