The subscription constitutes the premium version of the Make a Friend service. For users that make frequent use of the service, this premium version offers a lot of additional value for a modest fee.

Subscriptions are active until their end date. If you buy the 3 month subscription today, the subscription will be active for 3 months, after which your subscription ends and you need to subscribe again.

When a subscription ends, all used features will become unavailable again, but all effects of previously using these features(such as adding tags to answers of others) will remain.

More talks

Subscribed users have 22 talks added to their maximum number of talks.

More questions to choose from

The subscription adds the topic “Quotes”, which adds 500 quotes of popular thinkers, writers and poets, such as Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain.

Also, instead of being able to select from 3 random questions when selecting a question, subscribed users are able to select from 5 random questions every time they are selecting a question.

Add tags when rating an answer

In addition to marking the answer of another user as “like”,”neutral” or “dislike”, subscribed users can also mark these answers as “smart”,”funny”,”altitude”,”cute”,”match” and “romantic”.

Rate questions

Subscribed users can also rate and comment on questions by clicking on the question in the “rate answer” screen.

No ads

All ads are removed from the app, leaving more space to show content.