We(“Ceardannan S-BVBA”) are committed to giving you full transparency of our privacy practices. This privacy policy covers how we treat your personal information and other data we gather while you are using the Make a Friend Service. Note that our Service is not available to individuals who are younger than 14 years old.

What information do we collect and what do we do with it?

Personal information you provide

We receive and store any personal information you provide to our Make a Friend Service. The personal information collected may include your name, gender, email address, location, age, language, Twitter, FourSquare and/or Facebook usernames, usage information regarding your use of the Make a Friend Service, and browser/client information.

Usage: The personal information you provide is used for such purposes as setting up a user account and profile that can be used to interact with other users through the Make a Friend Service, matching you with other users on the Make a Friend service, improving the Make a Friend Service and customizing the advertising and content you see. We do not give, rent or sell your personal information to anyone.


If you give the Make a Friend Service permission to receive location updates, we automatically receive your specific location when you use the Make A Friend Service.

Usage: Your location is mainly used to match you with nearby users. It is treated in the same way as the personal information mentioned in the previous paragraph. It is not necessary to allow location updates. If you do not wish to be matched with users that are nearby in particular, there is no need to turn location updates on.

Information collected automatically

When you use the Service, we automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser or mobile platform, including your coarse location, IP address, cookie information, and the page you requested. We treat this data as non-personal information, except where we are required to do otherwise under applicable law.

Usage: We only use this data in aggregate, anonymous form, mainly to understand how people use our Make a Friend Service.

User Created Content(Conversations, Messages, other data,..)

We receive and store any data you enter on our Service or provide to us in any other way. This data may include the answers you give to particular questions, your ratings of the answers of other users, messages you sent to other users, invitations you sent to other users, matching requests, freeform questions you enter and your ratings of existing questions.

Usage: Receiving and storing this data is essential to the Make a Friend Service and necessary to deliver the Service. We send this data back to the involved parties. Who the involved parties are, is contextual, but this is always entirely clear. In the case of selecting and answering questions, rating answers and sending/receiving messages or invitations, the involved party is you and the other user. When you rate a question, the only involved party is you. None of this data is shown or sent as is to any parties other than the involved parties. However, we do use this data to improve the content of the Make a Friend Service, but only after all links with the involved parties have been removed automatically. In this case, this data is treated as anonymous data.

Note: When a user decides to share his data elsewhere, such as on Facebook, he does so at his own discretion, even when he does so using the Make a Friend app or website. If he posts one of his answers on his wall and his Facebook Privacy Settings are set to Public for example, anyone will be able to see that answer.

Payment Details

We only receive and store the absolutely necessary details with regard to payment transactions, which are typically your name, email address and zip code.

Usage: Payment details are only used for verifying receipts and subscriptions, nothing else.

Is information you store about me secure?

Your Make a Friend account is protected by a password for your privacy and security. You need to prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information by selecting and protecting your password appropriately, and limiting access to your device and/or browser.

We commit to safeguard user information to ensure that user account information is kept private. However, we cannot guarantee the security of user account information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of user information at any time.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your Make a Friend account by clicking on the “delete account” link on the Account Settings page within the app and perform the required procedure, which is marking your account for deletion and confirm the deletion 24 hours (or more) later. If you terminate your account, your profile, personal information, payment details and your data related to the service, including all messages ever sent, all answers ever given and all ratings given to both answers as questions, will be removed from the servers. However, such deletion may not be immediate, and residual copies of your profile information or posts may remain on backup media for up to 120 days.

Is my information really gone after deleting?

Most of it, yes. However, all your friends will see a former user now marked as “Deleted User” in their friends list. This is not a pointer to your deleted account. The deleted account is entirely gone. What they see is a pointer to a friendship reference in which the first or second user – which used to be you – is now null. They will not be able to see any messages or question histories anymore, but they will still see how many questions were answered, and how many likes, dislikes and tags were distributed.

Also note that even after you remove information from your account or profile, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere, to the extent it has been shared with others, or it was copied or stored by the other involved parties

As already mentioned, deleted information may remain on backup media for up to 120 days prior to being deleted from our servers too.

Will there be changes to this Privacy Policy?

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Use of information we collect now is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used. If we make material changes in the way we use the collected information, we will notify you by posting an announcement on our Make a Friend Service or sending you an email. Users are bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy when they use the Make a Friend Service after such changes have been first posted.

What If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy using the Make a Friend Service, please send a detailed message to: privacy@makeafriend.mobi. We will get back to you as soon as possible.